Beverwijk Railway Station in the Netherlands

The Beverwijk Railway Station is the train station of the city of Beverwijk, the Netherlands. The station was opened on May 1st, 1867. However, the current station was built in 1960. The building is recognized the triangular tower which can be seen from above beautifully.

The station is located on the railway line of Haarlem to Uitgeest, with two main trains stopping at the station every 30 minutes, the express service Hoorn – Alkmaar – Haarlem – The Hague and the local service Uitgeest – Haarlem – Amsterdam. The Station has connections to all cities in the Northern Holland. During weekdays, there is an extra cross county connection to Leiden. Other connections include Leiden, Amsterdam, Hague and Harleem every 15 minutes.

Sightseeing near Beverwijk Railway Station

The city of Beverwijk has many interesting, amusing and historical landmarks and sites that tourists will surely enjoy. Tourists will enjoy the Van Gough Museum, the Madame Tussauds, the Stedelijk Museum, the Circuit Park Zandvoort, the Waaggebouw, the Kennemer Duinen, the Museummolem Schermerhorn and the Jordaan.

There are plenty of excellent hotels in the city of Beverwijk, available for tourists traveling on any budget. The Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg offers executive rooms for prices starting at € 120 per night. For lower prices, starting at € 30 per night, the Stayokay Heemskerk is an excellent place for accommodation.

Address: Halve Maan Beverwijk, the Netherlands

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