Brussels-Midi in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels-Midi is the largest train station in Brussels, Belgium. It is the South train station for the city of Brussels, owned by the National Railway Company of Brussels.

About Brussels-Midi

The Brussels-Midi train station has quite a history to it. The southern part of the city, around the current spot where Brussels-Midi is built, has served as a train station since 1840. In 1869 it was demolished and another station was put up on the same location. Out of the need for modernization, in 1949, on the present site, a new train station was built and finally, in 1962, Brussels-Midi as we know it took shape.

High speed trains such as Eurostar and Thalys have one of their main stops at this train station. What you need to know about these very modern trains is that they operate at a maximum speed of 300 km/h and they have all the facilities you need for a pleasant trip.

If you have a few hours to spend in Brussels-Midi, don’t worry, there are plenty of things for you to do. Grab something to eat in one of its many refreshment points. There is even an oyster bar, if a sandwich is a little too mundane for you! Grab a beer or a glass of delicious red wine. Read a magazine or a book in one of its many relaxation areas. We guarantee you won’t get bored waiting in this wonderful train station.

What to see in Brussels

One of the most interesting and fascinating landmarks in Brussels has to be the Atomium. With its futuristic look, a perfect combination between sculpture and architecture, it towers 102 m above Brussels offering you the best view in the city. There are nine spheres in total, 5 of which you can enter and there are also twenty tubes to walk through and feel as if you’re part of a Sci-Fi movie!

If all that walking around spheres and tubes tired you, you can count on chocolate to bring you back to life. Visit the Chocolate Museum to whet your appetite or go to one of the many chocolate shops in the city. For example, the official supplier to the Belgian Court is Wittamer – they’ve been delighting people since 1910 with they’re divine chocolate.

Grand-Place is a square in the center of Brussels where you will find everything you need: excellent shops, amazing ambiance and fine restaurants.

Catch your breath and meditate in the Notre Dame du Sablon church. With its stained windows and solemn atmosphere, you will feel calm and refreshed after spending a few moments admiring its beauty.

Victor Horta, one of the founder fathers of Art Nouveau designed and built a home for himself that after his death became a museum. The Horta Museum is small, yet breathtaking. Keep in mind that it only accepts 45 visitors at once and it is closed on Mondays.

Accommodation near Brussels-Midi

90 m from Brussels-Midi is the Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Midi. With prices starting from € 169 you can enjoy a fitness center, a restaurant and bar, baggage storage, air conditioning and there is even an allergy-free room available!

One last thing to add about Brussels-Midi: be careful not to get lost here, as it is a very large train station (with 22 platforms)! If you do, there are plenty of police officers that could help you out, so don’t worry!

Address: Brussels-Midi/Zuid, Rue De France 1060, Brussels, Belgium

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