Hauptbahnhof Station in Aachen, Germany

Also known as Aachen Central Station, Aachen Hauptbahnhof is the train station of the city with the same name, located in the far west of the country of Germany, in close proximity of the Belgian and Dutch border. From the currently Aachen train stations, this one is the largest and it is part of the long-distance network.

The city of Aachen is one of the most significance in the history of Germany, being the place where the kings were crowned in the past. Not to mention that the University of Aachen is one of the most famous in all of Germany. This particular train station is very important one, as it was the first one to be opened in this city back in the year of 1841, at the time that the Rheinische Eisenbahngesellschaft opened its own line from Cologne.

Aachen Hauptbahnhof is part of an important rail network, linking the city of Aachen with major European cities such as Paris, Brussel, Liege, Frankfurt, and many more. The train station Aachen Hauptbahnhof has both international and internal routes being served by the following lines Aachen – Brussels, Aachen – Monchengladbach, Cologne – Aachen and Liege – Aachen line.
























































Sightseeing near Aachen Hauptbahnhof Station

There are many options for a person to get from the train station to the centre of the city of Aachen. These choices include a bus shuttle situated near the Aachen Hauptbahnhof, travelers having the possibility of buying the tickets from the driver. A taxi station is also located in close proximity to Aachen Central Station.

Nearby Aachen Hauptbahnhof one can visit the Aachen Cathedral, part of the UNESCO World Heritage list but also Rathaus, the medieval town hall, or Vaals, a small town close to city.

Great accommodation spots include Pullman Aachen Quellenhof and City Apartments Regence.


Bahnhofplatz 2A, Aachen,  Germany

Phone: +49/(0)2 41/433 23 66

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