Ville Nouvelle – Fes Railway Station in Fez, Morocco

When traveling to Morocco one of the most comfortable and affordable means of transportation is train travel. The train network of the country is in development and it cannot be characterized far-reaching but it does take you to the main touristic cities: Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier, Oujda and Meknes.

If your destination is Fez, then you should be using Fes Railway Station services as a means of transportation to and from the city; often called Ville Nouvelle the station is located in northern Morocco and is one of the main train stations within the Fes Boulemane region.

About Ville Nouvelle – Fes Railway Station

Interesting to know about Fez

Of all the imperialist cities in Morocco, Fez is the oldest; it used to have a great importance as a religious and cultural centre and even more important, the movements towards achieving national independence had started here; even today, if there are protests or revolts the people of Fez are known for being the first in the country to take action and initiative.

In the city of Fez was founded the first university in the world, long time before Oxford and Cambridge universities have earned their glory.

As a curiosity, you will often encounter green colour in people’s houses (doors or tiles) because it’s a city of Islamic religion.

Useful to know about Ville Nouvelle – Fes Railway Station

Fes Railway Station is the only one in the city; the time distance from the station to the Place Florence (main area of the city) is of 10 minutes;

Ville Nouvelle makes the connection with all the major cities of Morocco; the time of the trip from

  • Marrakech to Fes: 7 hours;
  • Tangier to Fes: 5 hours;
  • Casablanca to Fes: 4 hours;


There is a left luggage office within the perimeters of the train station; it costs 10 Dh per item and the program of the office is from 6 am to 8 pm.

The price of the tickets is cheaper comparing to the prices in the developed countries; children under age 4 are allowed to travel for free while children under 12 get price reduction.

The distance between Ville Nouvelle and the nearest airport is of 13 kilometres and it can be done either by bus – no. 16, the trip takes 25 minutes and it costs 3Dh; or by taxi, which is much more expensive and charges, usually, 120Dh.

The official company running the railways, called ONCF, Office National des Chemins de Fer, permits you to buy and book tickets online on their website; the website language is French only so you should probably ask a friend to help you or use Google translate services.

Hotels near Ville Nouvelle – Fes Railway Station

Some hotels near the train station are:

  • Ramada Fes is a 5 star hotel, 5 minutes to the station; it offers swimming pool, gym and spa plus other facilities; Wi-Fi available for free; restaurant and bars at ease; the price starts from 42 


  • Ibbis Moussafir Fes is a 3 star hotel, is near the train station and downtown; you can enjoy: swimming pool, garden, conference room, restaurant, bar, terrace 24h/24; Wi-Fi is available for free; the prices start from 44 ;


  • More expensive and luxurious options are Riad Salam Fes (from 89 ) and Riad Fez Amada (from 60 );


City attractions: Fes-el-Badi (Old Fes) – is the biggest medieval city in the world still inhabited by Islamic people; Medersa el-Attarine; Belghazi Museum; Tanneries; Kairaouine Mosque and more.


Official website:

Telephone: 035 930 333




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